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Scott Savor is the Founder/CEO of Uncommon Competitor L.L.C.


He is a Performance Coach and Keynote Speaker helping Individuals, 

Teams and Companies build leaders, not followers.


-Turned down numerous high-paying jobs to make family a priority.

-Read 10,000+ books.

-Had low confidence and was afraid to fail.

-Worked with NBA, WNBA, Collegiate and high school championship players and teams. 

-Had 3-hour phone call with the white house.

-Had really bad acne until age 30. 

-Was told I wasn't good enough.

-Created family core values.

-Consumed a prison burrito. 

-Competed for 4 different collegiate basketball coaches in 4 years.

-At age 21, worked 4 jobs simultaneously. 

-Became a step-father.

-Significantly underachieved athletically and academically.

-Learned from some exceptionally educated people.

-Had test anxiety in high school and college.

-Never tried alcohol or drugs.

-Learned to speed read.

-Committed to growing my faith.

-Created a successful business doing what excites me.

-Touched a cloud while flying in an airplane.

-Had a $1,000 wedding on purpose.

-Had very low awareness.

-Lost all 4 grandparents in a year.

-Took 10 years to write a book.

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